Robotic toys

<p>I am not an engineer by profession. I have built robotic learning technical toys for my kid. And I would like to share the know how for other parents and enthusiast kids.</p>

Lego Arm

Lego arm

The first time when he told me this story, I wasn’t sure if its true. Kids keep on making stories every day. So was the same thing with us. He said there is a boy who doesn’t has one arm. He loves playing with lego and he made a lego arm for himself. An arm Lego Arm

Lego Ninja Bike

Lego Ninja Bike

Ninja bikes have always been my favorite. So my son gifts me a Lego Ninja bike with digital control panel and turbo control. Lego Ninja bike that features big wheels with rubber tires, fold out cutting blades, hidden cannons and boosters.  

Lego Ultra Bat mobile car

Lego car

Here comes the ultra-mobile car with a long-ranging gun that can shoot with double force. Inspired by the batmobile car with an advanced version by Dhairya Lockdown creativity and kids time pass