Software Selection Consulting and Vendor Evaluation

Enterprise systems such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP),Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Supply Chain Management (SCM), and HR/Human Capital Management ( HCM) have provided great benefits to businesses. Today it is difficult for most companies to be competitive without using these programs. For most business needs, you won’t need to spend time or money building a system. A variety of commercial software packages are available for horizontal business functions, including accounting systems, ERP systems, CRM systems, and specialized programs in each industry sector.

Challenges in System Selection

Challenges in System Selection

However, evaluating and selecting new enterprise systems has become increasingly difficult as the underlying technologies continue to change. And while some business-specific software may seem attractive at first glance, they might not be what’s best for your company in the long run. Likewise, some may be too expensive or simply too much for small and medium-sized businesses; which would leave them with an unused asset sitting on their shelves. Vendors such as Oracle, SAP, Infor, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, Epicor, Aptean, and more have merged together over the years – creating difficulties when trying to figure out if this particular system is still even offered by whichever larger company now owns it or if it can be bought separately at all.

Cloud-based systems add another layer of complexity to the decision. Is the vendor’s cloud ERP offering really software as a service? Or is it merely their traditional on-premises solution now offered in a hosted data center as a managed service? And, does it matter? What are your considerations when you pick out which enterprise system best suits your needs?

An organized approach assesses business processes, builds the business case, analyzes key requirements, and conducts research among vendors – these things don’t just happen for you when you choose someone else for you. Do not rely on inexperienced IT contractors’ or friends’ opinions to make this important decision!

Our Software Vendor Evaluation Process Is Focused

Our wide range of experience in enterprise software selection and vendor evaluations is what makes us perfect for independent consulting services. After all, our methodologies were built around key principles that we believe will best serve you.

Evaluating implementation consultants as well as software vendors

Too many software projects fail, not because the customer chooses the wrong system but because the implementation consulting firm is not qualified. Our vendor introduction and reference-checking phases ensure that you not only have the right system but also the right system integration consultant to assure it succeeds.

Focus on key issues

Not a long proposal form. An important part in understanding your company takes an investigation into differences between ourselves and other organizations as well as differences between various enterprise software vendors – all structured concisely into an initial Request for Information (RFQ). It isn’t until late in the process when we finally move onto a formal Request for Proposal (RFP).

Envisioning the future

There will be no replicating of old ways of doing business under this new system. Our approach begins with assessing current business processes and understanding how the business changes before moving on to finding out what exactly it is that this new system needs to do to support the future state of its company’s growth.

Absolute and total independence

Because we do not sell software or partner with technology vendors for implementation services, our software selection consultants have the independence and objectivity necessary to give unbiased advice – they’re sitting on your side of the table too!

Getting efficient

Early on, so we don’t spend hours upon hours discussing details later – providing decision makers with information which allows them to quickly define those qualities that are most important given their current circumstances instead of letting comparison paralysis set in over irrelevant details.

No conflicts of interest

Nearly all of these free software evaluation tools are marketing websites in disguise! They make their money by selling your contact information to vendors as sales leads while we focus solely on management consultation and research instead.

Our work doesn’t stop with just selecting a vendor. With our transition services, we can continue to work on your behalf while you’re implementing the new system.