Creation of a Minimum Viable Product

Rollout Plan, Financing, and Talent

The Impact of Minimum Viable Product Development

Are you working on a new product or custom software? Trying to figure out the best way to verify your business assumptions? Or test demand for your new idea with minimal investment? There’s a development method for that – it’s called MVP, or ‘minimal viable product’. Creating an MVP helps you do all of the above quickly and efficiently. At Creative Web Mall India, we specialize in helping enterprises and product companies plan and build MVPs. We also have a lot of experience evolving MVPs into successful large-scale software projects. So whatever your goals are, we can help you achieve them – quickly and cost-effectively.

MVP Execution Steps

Creating a minimum viable product (MVP) can be a complex and time-consuming process, depending on factors such as software complexity and novelty. At ScienceSoft, we typically take a few key steps to complete an MVP development project Which is mentioned below:


Planning for exploration and the MVP

Business analysis for Products

  • Idea Generation for Products
  • Doing the Competitor research, Defining the Target Market and Customers
  • Products Concept Creation
  • Determining of Selling Price
  • Outlining a KPI Dashboard for MVP

An informative KPI set can be lean and have, e.g., 3 key groups:

  • Acquiring Customer ( New Sign, Downloads, New Customer Procurement Cost)
  • Engaging the Customer and satisfying their requirements
  • Targeted Revenue in future

Business software for personalized business analysis

  • Identifying needs of business & Gives Options for business processes improvement.
  • Interviewing the project shareholders and analyzing their responses.
  • Idea conceptualization of enterprise software.

Road mapping utilizing functionality

  • Outlining Features for full version of software.
  • Prioritizing the Features of Full Version of Software based on User Story & scenarios, Cost Benefit Analysis.
  • Finalizing the MVP Functionality.

Design by MVP Architecture

  • Powerful design for final Solution (MVP cannot be recreated in the future. But, some improvement can be done in iteration.)
  • Performance Requirement
  • Information security requirements.
  • HIPAA, FDA, PCI DSS compliance (if needed).

Preparing Interfaces With MVP

with third-party systems (if needed).

Selecting a tech stack

In order to create an MVP that is both cost and time effective, while also ensuring software reliability, it is important to carefully select the technologies used. This selection process should take into account any potential improvements that could be made in future iterations.


MVP Release and Additional Iterative development

We deploy ready-to-use software to the production environment. Before releasing anything for public use, we first move it through a testing and staging environment so that team members have time to change what needs altering or make corrections before any damage is done.

After the release, ScienceSoft monitors how users communicate with the MVP. We:

  • Redefine User Stories and Verify them.
  • Identification of arising risks & Updating risk management plan.
  • Optimization of Feature/Features.

If we see that the MVP is getting good feedback or making progress in how it operates, then either we refine it some more or create a new piece of software tailored to meet the needs and expectations of more users.

Build the Right MVP with Creative Web Mall India.

With over 5,000 satisfied customers since 2003; Creative Web Mall India has shown no signs of slowing down. This company has been able to meet the needs of 30 countries and create 3,000 plus custom projects.

MVP Consulting

We help you deliver your product as quickly, cost-efficient to produce, and safe for use as possible. Our team will choose the right features based on what we know about you and how customers want it to work. We’ll provide guidance on technology choices, regulations that might apply or show up in future, an accurate estimate of time and budget required at each step of production progress. And more…

Comprehensive MVP Development

Based on research into industry trends and customer needs, we identify what features would work best for your MVP. We then design and program your product according to these specifications. Once it has been tested, approved, and put live- you will have access to constant monitoring of its progress from this point forward.


Rapid prototyping and Proof-of-Concept are both possible (optional)


Program Management for MVP Development

During this stage, Creative Web Mall India defines:

  • MVP Project Scope for development.
  • The MVP Project Development Deliverables
  • Plan the budget for MVP Project Development.
  • The PM methodology (most often, one of the Agile options, e.g., extreme programming (XP), Scrum).
  • Setting Up the timeline for MVP Development Project.
  • Fix the Schedule and break it down into iterations & deliverables for MVP Development Projects.
  • MVP development project risks charter.


Design, Development and implementation of MVP

No-code MVP generation

You can assess the demand for a new product or application’s ability to meet business requirements without actually coding, and with minimal investment, by using Creative Web Mall India’s MVP types. Which include: -Creating a prototype -Testing with potential users -Gathering feedback and user data.

  • Are you working on developing an innovative new product? Then you’ll need to create an eye-catching landing page MVP to present your idea to potential customers and gauge their interest. Your MVP should introduce the key features of your product and explain its benefits, while also providing an easy way for people to sign up or request more information.
  • An MVP, or minimum viable product, is an advertisement for new software that is not yet fully developed. The automation of processes is faked in order to make the product seem more appealing to potential customers.

Code-based MVP development

The types we at Creative Web Mall India prioritize are:

  • The MVP approach is all about delivering the key features that matter most to your users.
  • With the ‘Piecemeal’ MVP approach, you create a product or custom application version by piecing together basic features from ready-made elements. You may later update or replace the reused parts as needed.

A software-based MVP developed with Creative Web Mall India usually goes through these stages:

  • MVP UX design (2-5 Days): The main outputs of this stage are user personas and user journeys that will help future users complete their tasks quickly and easily, thereby increasing conversions.
  • MVP UI design: (2-5 Days): Best practice: We only include this stage when the design is a competitive edge for the MVP. Otherwise, we use default themes and focus on functionality that is critical for the MVP.
  • MVP coding (2-6 Months): At Creative Web Mall India, this stage includes
  • As a backend developer, my main focus is on building the MVP server-side and APIs. To do this in the most efficient way possible, I utilize many ready-to-use cloud components and services from providers such as AWS and Azure. This helps to minimize development effort and cost, as well as streamline the delivery process.
  • As a front-line developer, it is my duty to take the static interface images provided by UI designers and turn them into a fully functional MVP client side. To do so, I must ensure its communication with the server runs smoothly.
  • Running the Testing and development of MVP Development Project Parallely.

As a result of this phase, Creative Web Mall India delivers a working MVP and supporting documentation.

Responsibilities Typical in Our MVP Development Teams

UX Designer

User experience designer conducts user research and information architecture, creates wireframes or prototypes, designs minimum necessary interactions for an MVP and handles usability testing.

Front-end developer

Front-end developer Creates MVP client side.

Engineer in Quality Assurance (optional)

Quality assurance engineers are responsible for designing and implementing testing strategies, planning and executing tests, validating designs, producing quality reports and assessing areas of improvement.

Project Manager

Project Manager is responsible for overseeing an MVP project, including delivery on time and on budget, preventing feature creep, etc.

Business Analyst (BA)

Business analytics elicit functional and non-functional preliminary requirements for the Minimum Viable Product (MVP), such as technical limitations, defined modules of interaction, and integration with other systems.

UI Designer

UI designers work hand in hand with UX designers to create an aesthetically appealing, custom visual style of the user-faced interface prototype.

Back-end developers

Back-End Developer builds the MVP server side and APIs.

Additional talents might be needed depending on the nature of the project; for example, we could also include data scientists, 3D designers, or other specialists.


Benefits of MVP Development with Creative Web Mall India


You avoid investing too much at first and remain flexible for changes in the future.

Market testing

You find out if your idea has potential by taking it to the marketplace.

Minimum time to market

Code-based MVPs are usually done within two to six months, which means you can quickly release your product and keep up with competitors.

Early feedback

Early feedback from users will help you determine what changes need to be made in order for it to work properly.

Quick idea monetization

The income from MVP can provide a foundation for product innovation. Besides, it’s an opportunity to be noticed by investors.

Access to advanced techs

Our team has been developing cutting-edge technologies for decades; we will use them to create an even more robust digital product for you.