Intelligent Industrial Manufacturing

Integrating data insights to boost productivity and provide customers with memorable experiences that are both sustainable and profitable.

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We Converse About Industrial Production

Experienced manufacturers with a passion for innovation and in-depth knowledge of the unique use cases and difficulties faced by industrial manufacturing enterprises make up the product teams at Creative Web Mall India.

ERP software designed specifically for industrial production

Creative Web Mall India is a leader in the production of industry-specific software solutions for businesses, offering end-to-end capabilities for expanding your company.

Enhance your capabilities by utilizing a large product community

The Creative Web Mall India Marketplace provides an easy way for industrial manufacturing customers to find add-on solutions created by Creative Web Solution, as well as other vendors within our growing community. With so many solutions being added to our marketplace on a regular basis, chances are good that we have a solution for any problem you might be facing. So, if you’re looking for an innovative way to solve a problem, be sure to check the Creative Web Mall India Marketplace first.



Automate the contracting, execution, and revenue recognition processes.


Innovate more quickly and effectively


Control production schedule and planning


Organize aftermarket repairs and upkeep


Improve production planning


Boost product caliber


Utilize the highly adaptable, scalable architecture to become more nimble and in step with rapidly shifting client requirements.

Industrial Manufacturing ERP Software

The requirements of contemporary industrial manufacturing operations are the foundation upon which our manufacturing software solutions are constructed.
Our industry-specific methodology allows for quicker deployments and less customization while yet providing your organization with the tools it requires.

Enterprise Cloud ERP for Manufacturing

Without the need for any software customization, discrete manufacturers all over the world rely on Creative Web Mall India manufacturing software solution, CloudSuite Industrial Enterprise, to offer them the visibility they need to quickly respond to customer, supplier, and regulatory needs.


ERP reduces operational complexity in manufacturing

Promote productivity, planning, and production to raise standards and cut costs

  • Support a variety of manufacturing modes, including repetitive, configure-to-order, and engineering-to-order
  • Automate the shop floor.
  • Increase the efficiency of workforce management
  • With industry-leading corporate asset management capabilities, you can extend the life of your equipment.
  • Utilize sophisticated quality management to ensure trustworthy products.

Industrial manufacturing undergoes digital change

Utilize digital transformation to achieve Industry 4.0 capabilities

  • Utilize extensive, market-specific features on a flexible, secure cloud platform with customization rather than customization.
  • With Infor’s multi-tenant deployment in the AWS® cloud, achieve new levels of flexibility, agility, and availability.
  • Integrate capabilities for machine learning, AI, IoT, and predictive analytics.
  • Enable social collaboration, user role-based homepages, and KPIs tailored to your sector

Offer a distinctive manufactured good or service

Manage strategic arrangements and quicken product development

  • Utilize product lifecycle management (PLM) with embedded effect analysis for regulations, quality, and supply chains.
  • Provide configure, price, and quote features to improve customer communication
  • Using work breakdown structures, scheduling, costing, precise project pegging, and analytics, enable project control.
  • By integrating order management with customer relationship management (CRM), you may improve communication and delivery.

Enhance supply chain management, planning, and execution

Increase efficiency by gaining complete supply chain visibility and using cooperative communication

  • Utilize a global network of commerce (upstream and downstream)
  • Plan sales and operations more effectively.
  • Utilize planning and optimization for the supply chain.
  • Use multiple-site, multiple-logistics inventory planning
  • Integrate warehouse, fulfillment, and inventory management

Man checking an ERP dashboard from in front of a laptop