Oil and Gas Industry IT Solutions

Oil and Gas IT solutions help the industry digitally transform to improve drilling quality and efficiency, improve reservoir management, improve oil recovery, reduce operating costs and more. Creative Web Mall India has been providing IT solutions to the oil and gas industry since 2008 using Cloud, IoT, Big Data, Advanced Analytics, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR).

Modern Operational Analytics


Ingesting and storing data (including reservoir and well data).


Operational risk assessment, performance forecasts, and operational warnings.


Cost analytics for operations.


Analytics for capital project execution.


Analytics for exploration progress.


Vendor analysis.


Analytics for supply chain status.


Analytics drilling.


Analytics on equipment failure and performance.


Employer analytics.


Analytics for health, safety, and the environment (HSE).

Digital Marketing

Management of Suppliers and Purchases

  • Evaluation and management of suppliers.
  • Managing the risk of suppliers.
  • Suppliers’ websites.
  • Inventory control.
  • Automation for purchase orders.
  • Integration with maintenance and project management procedures.

Capital Project Administration

  • Management of digital assets and project documents.
  • VR and BIM in 4D/5D dimensions.
  • Schedule and preparation.
  • Quality control.
  • Project cost control.
  • Risk management for projects.
  • Reporting on and monitoring project progress.
  • Analytics for project execution includes forecasts for equipment failures and downhole issues.
  • Integration with knowledge management and procurement procedures.

Exploration & Production

Modeling, monitoring and control of reservoirs

  • Improvement of reservoir monitoring.
  • Detection of cracks and defects in tanks.
  • Modeling and simulation of deposits.
  • Real-time remote monitoring of changes in large reservoirs.
  • Advanced visualization, including virtual reality.
  • Access to data with improved security.

VR-based immersive training can be used for various aspects of employee development including

  • Operational training (for new employees or those being introduced to new equipment/sites)
  • Emergency training
  • Safety training

The Knowledge Management Process

  • Knowledge resources extraction and storage. This includes daily drilling reports, regular project reports, incident reports, etc.
  • Knowledge source screening and annotation. This can be done manually or using AI.
  • Semantic search across the knowledge base. This allows you to find the information you need quickly and easily.

A comprehensive oil and gas resource database with advanced visualization

  • Ingestion and storage of geological information.
  • Acquisition and storage of seismic data.
  • Access to data with improved security.
  • Calculation of seismic characteristics. Data interpretation (manual and automatic). Advanced data visualization, including virtual reality.

Distance-Based Operations Center (ROC)

  • Operations for drilling and wells are remotely monitored.
  • Arobotic alarm (e.g., in case of high fault probability).
  • VR-based advanced data visualization.
  • Drilling optimization through comparison of several

Management of equipment maintenance and field service

  • Plans for future maintenance (with resource-leveling and optimization).
  • Planning a short-term work assignment.
  • To make equipment repair and maintenance easier, use virtual reality.
  • Employee-boosted intelligence (AR-based visual clues and indicators, process steps, repair instructions for field service, etc.).

Predictive Maintenance

  • Ingestion and storage of equipment and sensor data (cloud storage).
  • Modeling prediction errors using real-time machine learning.
  • Determining platform faults from image analysis.

Benefits of Using Creative Web Mall India to Build Your IT Solution for Oil and Gas

We specialize in cloud, IIoT, big data, advanced analytics, VR, and AR technologies and can provide you with the best IT solution to fit your specific needs, whether that’s predictive equipment maintenance, remote asset monitoring, or drilling costs reduction.

Joint work with industry experts

We work closely with your scientists and engineers to create efficient, innovative solutions that fit well into your business practices and processes.

Choose Your Service Option

Advanced Technologies Consulting

Our consultants have extensive experience in advising oil and gas companies on the use of advanced technologies, such as cloud, big data, IIoT, advanced analytics, VR and AR. We can help you with:

  • Reservoir modeling, monitoring, and management.
  • Setting up and running a remote operations center (ROC).
  • Predictive equipment maintenance, etc.

As an IT solution consultant, I help businesses with the implementation and support of their IT solutions. This includes estimation of costs and delivery time, outlining the optimal solution functionality and architecture, optimizing implementation and operating costs, and providing end-to-end implementation (custom or platform-based). I also provide after-launch support and continuous maintenance and evolution of the IT solution.

IT Outsourcing

Our company specializes in oil and gas operation optimization, helping to reduce costs while maintaining quality standards. Our services include outsourced IT functions, such as Quality control, Health, and safety monitoring, Data management, and Equipment maintenance.

  • Software Development for Oil and Gas is given to the contractors.
  • Outsourced data analytics.
  • Outsourced QA.
  • IT support.
  • Managed infrastructure services.
  • Outsourced help desk.

IT Staff Augmentation

We enable oil and gas IT efforts to quickly fill resource gaps with the help of the following professionals:

  • Developers Coding Languages
  • Testers (manual and automated testing).
  • DevOps engineers.
  • Data analysts.