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Services & Solution For Finance, Banking & IT Industry

Services & Solution For Finance, Banking & IT Industry

Our FinTech consulting team creates technology services and solutions that deliver the best business development experience.

Fintech is expected to play an important role in promoting financial inclusion globally. Therefore, cloud-based IT services for digital banking solutions can revolutionize the pandemic of inclusive growth.

These figures highlight the new trends. As a result, the so-called “digital economy” has become a vehicle for economic growth and a financial revolution. Policymakers and regulators across the region are under pressure to ensure that the digital economy effectively drives economic and financial inclusion, even as the rapid spread of digital services offers new capabilities to make financial resources more accessible to organizations.

Digital progress has wide applications. The financial sector will be frustrated by many of them. Intelligent systems, big data, cyber security, changing legislation, and the digital workplace are the five main trends that define the digital wave.

Frequently Asked Questions

What IT strategies may be used to combat current digital trends?

The prospective changes in financial services can be illustrated with the use of technological developments like artificial intelligence, machine learning, Microsoft Azure, and cloud services.
Some examples of technological innovation in banking IT services include AI-enabled credit score systems, machine learning systems to enhance user experiences, and cloud services to employ “big data” to forge new connections, boost productivity, and increase consumer value.

Why choose Creative Web Solution as your banking technology advisor?

The impact of financial technology on financial inclusion is particularly strong in economically underdeveloped countries, and even in developed emerging countries. Therefore, to keep up with the latest technology, financial technology service companies like Creative Web Solution have unmatched expertise in providing cutting-edge solutions. The ultimate goal of our company is to simplify procedures for customers while ensuring that customers receive satisfactory IT solutions for better development and growth.

“Creative Web Mall India services is a cloud built with the security, compliance, and resiliency requirements of financial institutions in mind. It is designed to improve trust and enable a transparent public cloud.”

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IT Services For Banking Offered by Creative Web Mall India

CRM Solution

Creative Web Mall India provides cloud-based CRM solutions to banks that manage customer data and interactions. This allows financial institutions to track all consumer contacts regardless of location or time of day. The right approach to the cloud can also help banks offer customized services based on customer requirements and preferences. Creative Web Mall India Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions will digitally transform the workplace and deliver revolutionary real-time experiences to acquire, retain and deliver a better customer experience for users.


Data Analytics

To better understand patterns and trends in customer behavior, banks are increasingly using the cloud to perform advanced analytics. By analyzing how customers interact with financial products, banks can develop new solutions that better meet customer needs than ever before. Creative Web Solution Azure IAAS helps manage this data in the cloud, ultimately helping organizations make valuable decisions for better progress.

Document Management System (DMS)

Make sure all document flows in your bank are smooth and fully automated. Create a library that can contain multiple document templates. In addition, you can receive, route, and complete documents and create automated workflows. Check that documents comply with internal rules and laws.

Security & Safety

By analyzing massive amounts of data from multiple sources, banks implement intelligent cloud-based security to detect and prevent fraud. These help financial institutions identify suspicious behavior before damage occurs. Creative Web Mall India’s intelligent security solutions orchestrate organic response, investigation, detection and prevention. Coordination between email, endpoints, identities and applications provides comprehensive defense against malicious attacks.


Creative Web Mall India’s banking IT services such as Microsoft SharePoint allow employees to work on the go and use their personal smartphones and tablets to access corporate emails, confidential business software and CRM monitoring tools in real time while they are out of the office or taking breaks. and Analytics. Ultimately, this does not affect productivity and progress.