CRM Consulting Services

We at Creative Social Intranet provide best-in-class CRM consulting services to help you create an effective, laser-focused, and successful organization.

CRM Consulting Services

You may increase sales rates, lead conversion rates, and customer data unification with the aid of our CRM consulting services. For more than ten years, Cynoteck has worked with both B2B and B2C businesses. Our sales intelligence experts assist in increasing conversion and retention rates, which results in a significant boost in revenue. Our CRM consultants

assist companies in choosing and implementing the best customer relationship management (CRM) solution for their particular sector. A correctly configured CRM helps them change how their firm operates and how they engage with customers.

For the optimization of your current CRM solutions, which boosts team productivity, we also, create unique CRM apps and systems.

Whether you need a new CRM or want to improve your existing one, we offer CRM consulting. Assist in CRM platform selection, pros, and cons of available CRM systems, and custom CRM development. Finally, you can set up and optimize your CRM, migrate your data, and train your team. Always on the cutting edge of technology, our CRM consultants can help you with complex tasks such as CRM audits and optimization, CRM upgrades, configurations, and integrations.

As a CRM consultant, Creative Web Mall India primarily focuses on your business needs and only proposes solutions that actually work.

CRM Services

What is a CRM?

An organization’s interactions with both present and potential customers are managed by a CRM. CRM increases sales and makes use of data analytics from numerous channels of communication (website, phone, email, live chat, marketing materials, social media, etc.).
Process automation for sales and marketing.
A cloud-based system with higher security.
Links with sales and marketing systems.

Why would you want CRM services?

According to research, using a properly configured CRM system can boost sales by 31% per sales representative and boost customer retention by 17%.Companies that understand the importance of correctly approaching customers hire CRM consulting services to do it as effectively as possible.
Ensure future expansion.
Combine digital and mobile solutions to increase sales.
Enhance customer service and engagement.

Areas where our CRM consultants engage

Areas where our CRM consultants engage

Analysis of Gap

As a CRM consultant, Creative Web Mall India assists companies in identifying and prioritizing the gaps between their present and ideal system states. We work together with company teams to comprehend their objectives, current procedures, and applications and give them summarized analysis reports. The report can then be used for later application development, installing market applications, or even improving processes.


You can choose a solution that truly fits your organisation and decision-making process with the aid of a CRM consultant from Creative Web Mall India. We only recommend the applications that will work for a particular sort of business out of all application types. This ensures that you are given practical solutions while also saving time and money.

Designs Giving the Solutions

The CRM department at Creative Web Mall India is eager to tackle your company’s issues since we like watching our clients flourish. Our Consultant will collaborate with your team to comprehend the problems and propose a suitable design for a solution. We always begin with a variety of possibilities and work with you to select the best one by comprehending every facet of your business strategy.

Transformation Process

A new revenue level cannot be anticipated using outdated company procedures. Our CRM Consultant will assist you in updating your current business procedures to better serve your new objectives.

App Update and Modifications

Security and privacy are at danger from outdated CRM software. If you continue to employ legacy apps, your sales potential will remain unrealized. We assist businesses in modernizing their equipment to better meet growth-related concerns.