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Do you spend more time working in Excel than with patients?

Healthcare Software

Healthcare Software

If you work in the medical field, you may not have the in-house skillset to build or maintain a piece of customized software. Creating an integrated application that is easy to use and scalable will save you trouble, time, and headache in the long-run, and requires a skill set that you can typically only find in a team of software engineers.

We’ve developed the internal expertise required to design, build, and update apps made for the healthcare sector. In fact, we specialize in the development of medical software and have addressed a wide variety of challenging issues, including:

  • Charge capture software
  • Data management for billing
  • Integrating payer and provider systems
  • Systems for digital medical records

We capture your company’s unique know-how and processes, and turn them into a competitive advantage by putting that valuable intellectual property into intranets, portals, apps, reporting systems, and more. This way, your physicians, medical staff, and business managers can focus on what they do best: delivering care. By doing this, we can create a productivity multiplier that will have your HCPs working on new problems that haven’t yet been solved, while solutions for previous issues become automated.

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What Consulting Services Do You Offer for Healthcare Software?

Entrance consulting assists healthcare professionals in the development, acquisition, and integration of software solutions that will benefit their practice. We have the knowledge to support the expansion of your practice, whether it be through the creation of bespoke software, the implementation of already existing programmers, or the provision of business intelligence tools.

How Do Practices Benefit from Entrance’s Software for Healthcare Organizations?

You will have a software solution that is suited to your particular needs if you have your own personalized applications created for your practice.
In a way that commercially available solutions just cannot equal, you will have total control over your activities.

What Sort of Healthcare Software Programs Does Entrance Produce?

Our knowledgeable staff has the skills and resources to develop apps that are specially tailored to your requirements. Systems for managing electronic medical records are among them, in addition to software for billing and patient administration.

How Can You Assist With Business Intelligence in Healthcare?

Entrance offers consulting services on selecting and implementing big data software analysis and visualization tools like Tibco Spotfire and Tableau. Entrance has a wealth of experience assisting firms build a business intelligence strategy.