Software License Management

In the face of resource constraints, organizations need to find new ways to do more with less. This means paying attention to how they spend money on software licensing agreements and ensuring that resources are used efficiently. As a company looking to build trust with clients, Creative Social Intranet Software provides a performance guarantee on its License & Service Agreement Review service.

Creative Social Intranet Software Asset Management Services

Our Solutions

Cost Reduction and ROI Analysis

Creative Web Mall India Consultant will analyze your current software licensing environment – license ownership, deployment and ongoing support costs – as well as the business’ future growth plan. A detailed cost reduction and ROI analysis will be conducted based on the comprehensive assessment, and a detailed plan identifying potential areas of short-term savings or investments in new technologies over time will be laid out.

License Purchase

Creative Web Mall India consultant will evaluate your current Software license metrics and come up with a strategic plan to secure better Terms & Conditions while also reducing the cost of annual support. They will also review outdated Licensing agreements, converting them into newer forms that allow you greater flexibility and even better prices for support.

Onsite Knowledge Training

Creative Web Mall India team of management consultants can create custom knowledge transfer sessions to suit your needs. Topics that are usually covered include best practices for senior managers and advice on how to get the most out of your software licenses.

Software License Compliance Assessment

Our experts will evaluate your environment and create a strategy to minimize risk while optimizing TCO. 3-Step ApproachTM, we can audit all of your licenses for free. All you need to do is talk about what you want with one of our skilled software licensing experts – they’ll give you some helpful insights and recommendations that can improve all aspects of your business’ efficiency. And if you use us for the full service, we’ll provide guaranteed results or no charge!

Software License Contract Negotiation

A highly experienced company, with over 100,000 hours of software contract negotiation experience and rooted in practical know-how, Creative Web Mall India Consultant will negotiate the best possible terms and conditions for your software licensing agreement. Our experts identify every potential risk factor inherent within a software license agreement before it can come back to haunt you. To guarantee they find the most beneficial terms and conditions while simultaneously protecting your investment – which might include licenses, services or intellectual property rights – our consultants offer unbiased expert advice.

Software License Audits & Software License Assessments

Creative Web Mall India Consultant will provide a prompt audit response and audit management program. By quickly controlling the audit conditions, We can also help mitigate risks and obtain a mutually acceptable outcome. Read how a software audit was countered and resolved painlessly.

Software License Rebalancing

In order to achieve the same or better Terms & Conditions while reducing the cost of annual support, Our Consultant will examine your current software license data and develop a strategic plan. To expand flexibility and improve the value of your current software license metrics, Our Consultant will also convert out-of-date software licensing. Learn how we can help a global media and marketing company reduce license migration costs by over 50%.

Managed Transactions

Every business has a unique operational strategy, profitability core, and business model. In other words, the business world is not uniform. What justifies standardizing your software license agreements? Creative Web Mall India will collaborate with its clients to design a setting that is in line with the corporate strategy. We will start the options analysis, design a unique action plan, and conduct the negotiations.

Software Asset Management Programs (SAM)

The way businesses must manage their IT assets is evolving as a result of new demands and technology. To handle the whole lifetime of your software contract, from the initial procurement evaluation to negotiation and contract renewal, requires a thorough understanding of your IT environment and software license agreements (SLA).

Software License Review

Creative Web Mall India Consultant will perform a thorough analysis of your software licensing and yearly maintenance expenses. Our researchers will assess your license assets and compare them to current and upcoming real-time consumption and activity. We take into account a variety of factors that could have an effect on your business, such as past, current, and future deployments, data centers, acquisitions or divestitures, consolidations, virtualization, and other similar things. For each specific client, a detailed plan outlining suggestions and a range of solutions for optimizing software licenses will be developed.

Creative Web Mall India more than ten years of experience researching and negotiating software licenses benefits its clients. Based on future forecasting, business estimates, and strategies, we provide multiple options for each situation. The seasoned analysts at We collaborate with their clients to fully comprehend each organization so that they can offer the best advice and develop unique approaches.

To lower their total cost of ownership, Creative Web Mall India has worked with more than 5000 Plus clients worldwide.

Creative Social Intranet software license consultant will

  • Improve, personalize, and make your license agreements and support contracts simpler.
  • Simplify and decipher your licensing and company procedures.
  • Ensure cost-effective procurement of licenses and support
  • Make your software license agreement flexible (SLA)
  • Provide licensing options based on the business strategy of your firm.
  • Move out-of-date licenses and expensive support
  • Rebalance licenses to maximize the return on your current investment and produce superior value
  • Provide a range of license alternatives based on business requirements and different scenarios, such as acquisitions or settings with change management.

With Our 3-Step Approach to compliance, we help companies to

  • Evaluate, oversee, and keep up with licensing and contract
  • Find the existing funds from an existing investment, then relocate them.
  • Contract negotiations for software
  • Help while doing an audit