Maintaining IT Infrastructure & Support Can Create an Enhanced User Experience

With our full-scale IT support and maintenance services, you can turn your IT infrastructure into a positive user experience, update your apps on the go, and enhance the lifespan of your IT infrastructure.

Application support and maintenance services

Our application support and maintenance services

Our application support and maintenance services are Divided into Three Layers as follows:

Level 1: Basic Support and Troubleshooting

Networks can be difficult to manage and keep running smoothly. At Article One, our level 1 support services include basic support and troubleshooting, system availability and performance monitoring, and back-office activities like modifying accounts, resetting passwords and communicating with end-users. We’re here to help you sort out any issues related to network performance and application stability.

Level 2: Restoration of Apps

Our level 2 support engineers are here to help you restore your apps and resolve incidents of medium complexity. Services our team can provide for you include: Advanced troubleshooting Infrastructure monitoring Configuration management and deployment System updates Reporting

Level 3: Analysis, Audits & Code Reviews

Experienced development team can help you with complex technical problems. Services include bug fixing and root cause analysis, audits and code reviews, legacy code updates, implementing new features, performance tuning and capacity planning.

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Seamless Operation Services

Services For Seamless Operations in IT Care & Repair

IT Structure Tracking

Performance Monitoring We will gather and analyze performance data from servers, databases, and other essential components of your infrastructure to make sure it runs without a hitch. This will help us identify and diagnose any issues, and prevent future problems.

Key Performance Indicators

Performance Metrics We will identify, gather, and analyze the appropriate performance metrics, dig into the root causes of performance issues, as well as devise and implement the necessary performance optimization tactics. By doing so, we will be able to improve the performance of your website or application.

Network Surveillance

What We Monitor on a Network We track various aspects of the network and its operations, like traffic, bandwidth utilization, and uptime to quickly detect device or connection failures and pinpoint issues, such as traffic bottlenecks, that limit the data flow. By doing this, we can keep the network running smoothly and efficiently.

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The Component of IT Infrastructure We Cater For

  • On-Premises Server
  • Networks
  • Cloud Servers
  • Web & Mobile Applications
  • Databases, Data Warehouse, Data Lakes
  • Website & Web Portals


We provide regular reports to ensure our collaboration is transparent and built on trust. Some of the reports we deliver include service level, incident and root cause analysis, health check, and security reports.


A support and maintenance services provider with a decade of experience. We have established efficient workflows and gained expertise in solving the most complex incidents. We are now eager to share our experiences and take on new challenges.


Setting service-level objectives and determining measurable KPIs before diving into your project helps to guarantee the high quality of delivered services. This allows you and your team to remain focused on providing support and maintenance throughout the project.


When you work with us, we will scale your support team according to the complexity of your project. We offer a variety of engagement models that can be customized to your specific business needs.