Learn and Play with Creative Dhairya

Fun learning sessions

Build enthusiast mechanical and science based projects using Lego with Creative Dhairya.

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We are not Lego professionals, but we like to create simple working gadgets using Lego and things available at home.

Learn engineering basics and Robotics using Lego technic bricks, old remote control cars, broken toys,  Jenga blocks, motors and battery box. Few of our creations are below:

How did it all start?
A Venture to Motivate

A father and son duo spending some fruitful time together in lockdown, rejunivating childhood memories. There are lot of big brands claiming to teach Robotics and coding to children of age 8-12 years. We believe that learning engineering basics, mechanical parts, its functions are important before proceeding towards any advanced learning.

Our moto behind this venture is not to merely earn, but develop creativity within kids, make them understand basics, create awareness and enjoy learning.

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