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Apr 7
Digital transformation case study

Setting up of a B2C Market Place with digital store online

Portals are online platforms that allow businesses to conduct interactions and transactions with customers and suppliers instantly, facilitating a more intuitive and connected operation. An integrated portal solution allows organisations to have one interface shared across their business community. Background of the business Increased costs of Warehousing. Increased Real Estate costs. Higher Operational costs coupled with reduced margins. Reduced sales through conventional methods. Growing threats from online selling portals. The challenges of eCommerce Portal At a basic level, web portals make ordering easier and more reliable, with full visibility and 24/7 order placement. Suppliers, for example, can receive orders via Setting up of a B2C Market Place with digital store online

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Mar 11
Digital transformation case study

Digital transformation of a consumer electronics distributor business

To stay competitive with the growing market, consumer electronic companies need to transform their business strategy. With the ever-developing technology advancements, features like big data has enabled middle market consumer products companies to better understand their consumers, knowing what they buy, how and when.  With help of big data and AI, it is not only leveraging emerging mobile and social platforms to connect with  consumers on the front-end, but also optimizing technology on the back-end to enable faster, more accurate management reporting and supply-chain metrics. Background of the business A consumer electronics distributor for major cities of India with a Digital transformation of a consumer electronics distributor business

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Businesses are now operating amidst widespread disruption, which stems from changes in society and regulations, coupled with the threats and opportunities presented by the exponential advancement of technology.

We work with companies to identify, prioritize, and implement high-impact use cases. This lets clients create value quickly while demonstrating what digital technologies and ways of working can do for the business.

Many organizations lack the experience or skills needed to manage the speed and complexity of change that a digital transformation requires, which is where Build-Operate-Transfer comes into play.