UX UI Design Consultancy

What is UX consulting?

A UX Consultant is generally a UX Designer having strong focus on the business aspects of the design with a user experience perspective. A UX UI design consultant leverages the power of user experience to create sustainable business performance. A UX / UI consultant brings a whole new perspective as to how you look at a product, your market, and your business and brand strategy

What are the steps involved in the UX evaluation process?

  1. Heuristics evaluation – Heuristic evaluation process of UX involves focusing on metrics and key usability factors that will affect conversions and website performance.
  2. Expert UX review – This phase consists of UI / UX audit by developing multiple hypotheses as to why visitors perform the way they do, and not in the way the company expected them to
  3. Wireframes/Layout – Information architecture, UX map, low-fidelity wireframes, draft clickable prototype.
  4. Usability testing – This involves listening to customers who will use the designs and deliver deep user insights about your product.

What does a UI design consultancy typically include?

The goal of a UI design consultant isn’t just to provide pleasant aesthetics but to do so in a way that meets the goals of the business.

At a broad level, there are a few core areas where expert UI design consultancy is essential:

Navigation Structure

Effective navigation is an essential backbone of an app or software. Links, buttons, and menus form should be placed rightly. This will help users to never get lost and find everything they need.

Colors & Emotions

Subtle colors are soothing to the eyes. A UI design consultant will help enhance your application and encourage the behavior.


These days, few designs are truly static Animation is one of our design tools for drawing users to intended elements.


Adding interactive features to the application like buttons and links gives positive feedback and guides users through the app.


A picture says a thousand words. Adding images to the screen pleases users, and creates memorable experiences.

Mobile Environment

Any app or software needs to be mobile responsive. With the advancements in technology, mobile responsive designs give a good user experience.

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